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Fleur Dewsnap

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist & Clinical Supervisor 

BABCP Accredited | BSc Psychology | Post Graduate Diploma CBT | Post Graduate Certificate Mental Health Studies | Post Graduate Certificate Behavioural Couples Therapy


About Me

My name is Fleur Dewsnap, and I am a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Clinical Supervisor and University Tutor with over 12 years of experience in public and private health sectors. I work collaboratively with my clients using evidence-based therapy to help them overcome anxiety and depression.

I will help you learn how unhelpful thinking and behaviour patterns lead to feeling anxious and depressed.

Based on a bespoke formulation of your difficulties that allows for a deeper understanding of your challenges, I will work with you to break out of unhealthy cycles of anxiety and depression. This will enable you to manage and overcome negative emotions and equip you with the skills to reduce risks of relapse in the future.

I also offer online courses with HumanColorz:

My Approach To Therapy

I use solution focussed, and evidence-based methods in line with NICE guidance to help you reach your therapy goals. Sessions are typically short term, meaning I ensure each appointment is goal orientated and meaningful to what you would like to achieve.

Each session will leave you with a tangible take-away message

I am passionate about working with clients holistically, and place an emphasis on how nutrition, exercise, sleep and relaxation can contribute to mood.

My belief is that therapy should be accessible to all, therefore I offer treatment over zoom or telephone, meaning I can work with anyone across the country or abroad, and you have the flexibility of attending sessions from anywhere you deem appropriate. 

To find out more about the evidence of CBT, click


  • Surrey and Borders NHS Trust 2022 - Present | CBT Supervisor and Academic Tutor to Core and Higher Psychiatry Trainees

  • London CBT Training Centre for Royal Holloway University 2019 - Present | CBT Supervisor and Academic Tutor 

  • Clinical Director at HumanColorz 2023-Present

  • Camden & Islington 2019-2021 | Deputy Clinical Lead (Kingston IAPT NHS)

  • Camden & Islington 2017-2019 | Clinical Coordinator (Kingston IAPT NHS)

  • Camden & Islington 2014- 2019 | Senior Psychological Therapist (Kingston IAPT NHS)

  • Central London Community Healthcare 2013-2014 | Trainee CBT Therapist

  • Sirona Care & Health Bath 2013 | Psychological Practitioner

  • Turning Point Bristol 2011-2013 | Psychological Practitioner

  • Mind Hampshire 2010-2011 | Trainee Psychological Practitioner 


Low Mood

Chronic Depression

Recurrent Depression



Generalised Anxiety (excessive worry)

Social Anxiety

Health Anxiety

Panic attacks


Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Complex Trauma

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder


Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)


Work Stress

Family issues




Sleep problems

Insomnia (CBT-I trained)

Disordered Eating

Low Self Esteem

Relationship problems 

Mood swings


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy 

Weekly or Fortnightly 50 minute therapy sessions delivered online or over the telephone


1:1 or Group clinical CBT supervision for qualified and trainee therapists in line with BABCP guidance 

Take your first step to better mental health and wellbeing


"Fleur was so easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed and able to share my thoughts and feelings freely. I found the slides created within the sessions really useful to refer to on my phone if ever I need strategies to deal with my anxiety. I will continue to use these strategies throughout my life and have shared with friends" 

"From my first telephone assessment, I was immediately impressed by Fleur’s professionalism, work ethics and knowledge. She explained in detail the type of therapy she was offering (CBT) and its benefits, clarified the number of sessions CBT normally involves and how the sessions would be carried out. She also made it clear that if at any point during the sessions she felt that CBT was no longer the right therapy, she would recommend a different type of support. I felt I was in the right hands"

"I now feel liberated. I have a newfound awareness of myself and of my behaviours. I know I cannot eliminate all life stressors and this is fine, because I am confident I have all the tools to deal with them. I have learned to be compassionate with myself, that life is not all black and white, and that change happens when we are brave enough to challenge our own personal beliefs"

"Fleur has a warm and friendly manner which made it really easy for me to talk about my feelings and experiences.  All of her explanations were very clearly presented and helped enormously"

"The combination of a well structured CBT framework anchored around real life 'experiments' and a compassionate and wise therapist has made a real difference to me"

"This has been a really valuable experience and I have learnt tools for life. Reflecting on my therapy goals I am really pleased with the experience and how far I have come. Fleur explained everything so well and used visual cues/powerpoint to help me remember techniques and change my thinking patterns"

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